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Experience, care and passion are the leading elements in the skilled hands of our Master Brewer. After an intense and passionate experience in the German Black Forest and a stay in Denmark to deepen his knowledge of yeasts, Luigi allowed us to create the La Marchesa products.

La Marchesa is an artisan beer inspired by tradition, unfiltered and unpasteurized, an organic, easy-drinking product with enchanting aromas.
It is produced through a mix of the best raw materials; a meticolous choice of single ingredients, aimed at creating unique products with a constantly guaranteed superior quality. Our beer is the result of an idea going against the flow.

The choice of bottle, design and packaging were the key features tailored with obsessive care to enshrine the nectar of our recipes with style and elegance.


Not only did we choose to cure technical and management aspects with meticulous care, we also embraced the best state-of-the-art technologies to cope with the current production needs, in full respect and care for the environment.

We are proud to be the first brewers in Italy to use a must cooking method based on a wood boiler, recycled wood from carpentry waste, urban cleaning and grafted forests. Electricity is fully generated from renewable sources, another banner we pride ourselves with.

Thanks to these sensible choices, we obtained EVISO and PEFC certifications.

Our production 2017

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